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    I have two devices for humidity. One in the living room and one in my bathroom. and if the value in the bathroom is 15 more the the sensor in the living room I want to start ventilation.
    i have tried a solution to make a virtuell device that add 15 to the living room sensor and then I thought to make a event if the bathroom value is bigger than the living room to start ventilation. but I cannot succeed to add 15 to the living room in virtuell device. I attach a picture. Maybe i can do this much easier with easy trigger? But I am a beginner to this.

    Hope you undertand what I mean with this and should be grateful for some help

    You should use the trigger "EasyTrigger: A Device's value is > Comparison between 2 device values becomes True"
    You can use an offset value with this trigger so that seems to be exactly what you want

    IF bathroom humidity > living room humidity + 15
    THEN ...


      Thank you!! To easy 😂 great plugin by the way