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Variable for Text to Speech

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    Variable for Text to Speech

    If I have a group of devices I thought I read before somewhere that I could determine which one triggered something. In this case I have a group of leak sensors that when one gets wet it both sends me a text and does a text to speech that triggers alexa to set a 10 second timer...and alexa is set to ring my iPhone when the timer expires so I get a call as well. This all works, but the problem is I have to dig in to see which device in the group triggered the event.

    What I want is for both the txt to my phone and the text to speech to alexa to actual state/say which device (bath/sink/laundry/half bath/sump/etc) is actually the one that is wet.

    1. Is it possible to do this?
    2. I've tried a couple things to no avail...if possible could you state the exact syntax format?



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    you need to use the following global variable:

    do not forget the colon at the end

    it will work in a Speak action for example


      Thought I already thanked you...THANKS! Silly me I was trying to replace the ETD part with the actual device. :-(