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Comparison Between 2 Device Values Logic Question

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  • Comparison Between 2 Device Values Logic Question

    I am using the 'Comparison between 2 device values comes true' trigger to contol the mode the a thermostat is in. However, in certain cases this event is not triggering as I expect it to. My expectation is that when either one of the devices values changes, the expression should be evaluated and, if true, the event should trigger. What appears to be happening, however, is that the event only triggers if the condition was 'false' prior to the trigger occuring. If the condition is 'true' before and after the trigger, the event is not firing.

    In my specific case, I have the following two events:

    EVENT: Auto Heat
    IF Tstat Temperature < Tstat Heating Setpoint
    AND IF Tstat Mode has a value equal to Cool
    THEN Set Device Tstat Mode to Heat

    EVENT: Auto Cool
    IF Tstat Temperature < Tstat Cooling Setpoint
    AND IF Tstat Mode has a value equal to Heat
    THEN Set Device Tstat Mode to Cool

    As an example - Yesterday, with the Heating Setpoint at 73° and the Cooling Setpoint at 76°, the Tstat Temperature changed from 76° to 77° and the event triggered as I would expect - the Tstat Mode changed from Heat to Cool.

    Now, in the evenings an event puts the thermostat into energy savings mode and it operates on an alternate set of heating and cooling setpoints. In the morning, another event puts the thermostat back into normal heating and cooling set points. This morning when this happened, the Tstat Temperature was at 69° - already below the Heating Setpoint - so, in my thinking, the next time the Tstat Temperature changes, the Event: Auto Heat should run. However, it did not. I have debug logging on and can confirm that EasyTrigger saw the Tstat Temperature device change from 69° to 68° but this did not cause the event to fire. The only explanation I can think of for why it did not fire the event is because the condition: Tstat Temperature < Tstat Heating Setpoint was already True prior to the device value change. Can anyone verify whether my reasoning is correct? Or I am experiencing some kind of bug?

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    yes you are correct, and this is described in the user guide:

    if you want to trigger even if the condition is true prior to the device change, do the comparaison as a condition, and change the trigger to detect device changes


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      Thanks for the quick reply. I had read the user guide but I guess I glossed over that part. Thanks!