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Graphic Representation not displaying correctly ?

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  • harvito
    I'm going to add on to this

    I turn set the 1st led to green during the night - I have been running an event at 22:00 which does this - I thought i'd give Easy Trigger a go and ended up trying different strings. This is the last one I tried - I used a similar string to the string above. When 22:00 comes - there is no change - If I do a test with a 'week' schedule which does not span days - it works

    My goal is to turn the 1st LED Green from 22:00 to Sunrise 15 min after sunrise thus "Nightlight"

    This fails:

    [Sun 22:00;Sun 23:59],[Mon 00:00;Mon Sunrise+00:15],[Mon 22:00;Tue Sunrise+00:15],[Tue 22:00;Wed Sunrise+00:15],[Wed 22:00;Thu Sunrise+00:15],[Thu 22:00;Fri Sunrise+00:15],[Fri 22:00;Sat Sunrise+00:15],[Sat 22:00;Sun Sunrise+00:15]

    This works: I used this to turn lights on VS turning on a LED on a dimmer

    [Sun 22:00;Sun 23:59],[Mon 22:00;Mon 23:59]


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  • mikedeissler
    started a topic Graphic Representation not displaying correctly ?

    Graphic Representation not displaying correctly ?

    Here's the schedule string that doesn't seem to display correctly:

    [Fri Sunset-00:30;Sat Sunrise+00:30],[Sat Sunset-00:30;Sun Sunrise+00:30],[Sun Sunset-00:30;Mon Sunrise+00:30],[Mon Sunset-00:30;Tue Sunrise+00:30],[Tue Sunset-00:30;Wed Sunrise+00:30],[Wed Sunset-00:30;Thu Sunrise+00:30],[Thu Sunset-00:30;Fri Sunrise+00:30]

    Sunday night doesn't stretch into Monday morning in the graphical representation (see attached).

    My question is there some error in the text string, or is there a bug in the graphical representation ?

    It's Friday night I should know by Monday which it is, but I'd appreciate any insights....