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    Trigger Problem

    I have had a problem with the Napco security plugin not trigger zones when I use the general Homeseer Device Change trigger. The way I get around this is to use the Napco plugin specific trigger.

    However I would like to use an EasyTrigger Group trigger condition to recognize when any door opens to trigger a specific action and thus avoid writing an OR condition on 30 doors.

    I set an EasyZone trigger condition of : Any device's value in this group has just changed... Group = NapcoSecurity

    NapcoSecurity is a Dynamic Rule with the Floor Equal to Area 1.

    The Status Values for these Zone has 8 states (Values are 0, 100, 101, 102, 110,111, 112, 199).

    The typical device value state changes is from 110 (Secure) to 100 (Open&Disarmed).

    Following is an example of one zone.
    Status Floor Room Name Last Change Control
    Area 1 Napco Gemini Study Today
    10:18:21 AM
    Bypass Zone

    Is there a way that I can get the EasyTrigger group condition to trigger in this situation?

    Many Thanks!