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Bulk group of WD200's change LED color on click

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    Bulk group of WD200's change LED color on click

    Hi Everyone,

    I have over 100 WD200's that depending on the number of clicks, the LED color should change to reflect to reflect what device is active (ie 1 click foyer, 2 click hall, 3 click livingroom).

    The problem I have is I do not know how to have EasyTrigger monitor a specific group and if the group changes state, to change the color respectively. Here is what I mean:

    I want to have it so that all dimmers have the LED colors behave the same way. With one click = white, two click = blue, three click = red, four click = yellow.

    Is their an easy way to do this instead of having to do an if statement event for each dimmer's scene? Something like this:

    if all dimmers status = scene 0 then set color = white
    or if any dimmers status = scene 02 then set color = blue
    or if any dimmers status = scene 03 then set color = red
    or if any dimmers status = scene 04 then set color = yellow

    Thanks in advance for your time and expertise everyone. Please stay safe and healthy.


    Have you set the group under manage->easytrigger->config?


      Yes, I have them entered and see the functions under the events area, but do not see a way to select scene 02, 03, or 04 for that group in order to set their LED color if they are active.


        You should be able to configure an EasyTrigger group containing all the central scene devices (I recommend a dynamic group for convenience) and use an event similar to the following to set the LEDs on all switches when the central scene value is set on any device in the group. Substitute the appropriate central scene value (1000-1006 or 2000-2006) for 100 in this example.

        Click image for larger version

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