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Event calling another event not working

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    Event calling another event not working

    So, I have and event that turns on the first LED on a dimmer to red and blinking when the front door is unlocked. I also have an event that turns on the LEDs on certain switches when a schedule is enteredand turns them off when it exits.The EASYtrigger schedule is 7 days a week 22:00 - 06:00. So, my issue has been when I set the LED to OFF after the door is locked again. It's fine if it is done before 23:00 but I want it to turn Green if it is in the Easytrigger schedule.

    Lock Door ---> Turn LED blinking and Red
    Unlock Door ---> If outside of Easytrigger schedule --> reset LED to off
    --> If inside of Easytrigger schedule --> Run event 'Turn on Night Lights'

    Screenshots show

    Can this be done or am I making it to hard - I thought it would be a KISS kind of thing but seems opposite


    Running HS4 Pro on Windows

    In your "Turn on Night Lights" event there is no condition. The IF is a trigger not a condition, so when you run this event from another event the actions are always run.
    You need to add a condition "AND IF time is in EasyTrigger schedule"


      I've now gone through all sorts of gyrations. One minute it looks like it will work and than --- no love -- Gotta pack for a trip so I need to close up the Mac - if I don't I'll do this all night - I need a life ..

      I'll report back next week - Thanks Spud --