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[Feature Request] Condition to check for Delayed Device Action

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    [Feature Request] Condition to check for Delayed Device Action


    Hoping you can add this... Condition to Check to see if a Delayed Device Action exists.

    I have several use cases (lights, house modes, etc) but here's my most important one...

    I have several events that check 'House Mode'
    ... events trigger on different things :: specific from-to, reoccurring time (every 5, 10 mins, etc), mode changes to anything, etc
    ... this sets action into motion like :: set alarm panel, text notifications, etc

    With all these variations, they kick-off different types of Delayed Device Actions. The issue is, I dont want to reset a delayed device action if it is already exists. Meaning, I dont want a 5 min delay to be reset by another event a few mins later setting (extending it) another 5 or 10 mins.

    Is it possible to have a Condition check?

    I appreciate you looking at this... you and a hand-full of PI devs are the literal life blood of Homeseer


    I agree. Fixing this issue will automate resetting these delayed events. Without this reset, HomeSeer has a core flaw. Hope this can be accomplished.