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Set Device String to Another Device String

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  • Ltek
    see my event screenshot. Using Easy Trigger, dont know of a way to set icons/images, just values and strings I have seen other scripts/such that copy icons - dont know if you can automate
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  • mulu
    started a topic Set Device String to Another Device String

    Set Device String to Another Device String

    We have the "Set Device to Another Device" which copies the device value only. Is there a way to have the device string copied from one device to another device? And I actually would need something similar for images.

    As background information, I have a bunch of Chromecast devices that I have represented on an HSTouch screen. From that screen I can select one Chromecast for which the status is displayed, incl. title, artist, album art, etc. So I created a virtual title device, virtual artist device, etc. These devices will be set to the title, artist, album art of whatever Chromecast was selected. Hence, I need to be able to copy the title, artist, album, etc from the actual Chromecast device to the virtual devices.