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Set Device String to Another Device String

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    Set Device String to Another Device String

    We have the "Set Device to Another Device" which copies the device value only. Is there a way to have the device string copied from one device to another device? And I actually would need something similar for images.

    As background information, I have a bunch of Chromecast devices that I have represented on an HSTouch screen. From that screen I can select one Chromecast for which the status is displayed, incl. title, artist, album art, etc. So I created a virtual title device, virtual artist device, etc. These devices will be set to the title, artist, album art of whatever Chromecast was selected. Hence, I need to be able to copy the title, artist, album, etc from the actual Chromecast device to the virtual devices.

    see my event screenshot. Using Easy Trigger, dont know of a way to set icons/images, just values and strings I have seen other scripts/such that copy icons - dont know if you can automate
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