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How do you do gradual bright?

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    How do you do gradual bright?

    Purchased Easytrigger mainly for this... what's the best way to do a 'wakeup" light in easy trigger?

    Use a recurring trigger of once a second or at whatever rate you want the light to increase.

    Create a virtual device to control the light

    Use a condition to determine the maximum level you want the light to reach

    Use the Easy Trigger “Set Device to another Device” as the Action. Set the light to itself + 1

    IF this event will trigger once every second
    AND IF light virtual is On
    AND IF the light is less than 70%

    THEN set light to light +1

    When the virtual device is on, the light will increase by 1% each second until it reaches 70%. You will need to turn the virtual device off when the light is Off.

    IF light is set to Off
    THEN turn light virtual Off