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How do you do gradual bright?

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    How do you do gradual bright?

    Purchased Easytrigger mainly for this... what's the best way to do a 'wakeup" light in easy trigger?

    Use a recurring trigger of once a second or at whatever rate you want the light to increase.

    Create a virtual device to control the light

    Use a condition to determine the maximum level you want the light to reach

    Use the Easy Trigger “Set Device to another Device” as the Action. Set the light to itself + 1

    IF this event will trigger once every second
    AND IF light virtual is On
    AND IF the light is less than 70%

    THEN set light to light +1

    When the virtual device is on, the light will increase by 1% each second until it reaches 70%. You will need to turn the virtual device off when the light is Off.

    IF light is set to Off
    THEN turn light virtual Off
    HS4 Pro, Windows 10 pro, Supermicro LP Xeon