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Easy Trigger vs Timjer event

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    Easy Trigger vs Timjer event

    How does using "A devices value has NOT changed for exactly" as a timer compare to creating a timer to control a light left on?


    If A Devices value has NOT changed exactly
    Garage Light has NOT changed exactly for 30 minutes
    Then Turn off Garage Light


    If a devices value changes and becomes
    Garage Light is on
    Then startGarage Light timer

    If a timers value is more than
    Garage Light timer 15 minutes
    Then Turn off Garage Light

    The first event doesn’t require a timer, but they would both function the same, other than the first event turning it off after 30 minutes and the second pair after 15 minutes. The second method requires two Events and a timer. The problem with the first one is that it makes no determination whether the light is off or on. Not a huge problem but a more appropriate trigger would be:

    IF Garage light has been ON for exactly 30 minutes (HS native trigger)
    THEN turn Garage Light OFF
    HS4 Pro, Windows 10 pro, Supermicro LP Xeon


      Thanks. Glad I asked.