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HS4 - Can Dynamic Groups be set by Category field?

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    HS4 - Can Dynamic Groups be set by Category field?

    Just upgraded from HS3 to HS4, have been using EasyTrigger for a while now and using dynamic groups for event triggers. Have question on dynamic groups that haven’t found in guide or posts. Running HS4Pro v4.1.10.0 on Win10, with EasyTrigger v3.0.0.71

    In HS3 (and now HS4) I made my Location 1 field equivalent to what the new Category field is and Location 2 is my “Room”. I don't use Floor. I use Location 1 to categorize what I now think the new HS4 Category is meant for. Key for me is I have Devices like “Battery”, “Water Leak Detector”, “Doors”, "Windows" set in Location 1 and use EasyTrigger dynamic groups for those values for event triggers. So now with HS4 I have decision to make whether to go back to the original Out of Box “Floor” “Room” and then move all my Location 1 device classifications to the new “Category” field. Though, that wouldn't make sense to do unless EasyTrigger could create dynamic groups off of the Category field.

    So Questions are:
    1: In EasyTrigger Dynamic Group setup, in the Property field, I see option of using “Type”, which I haven't used to-date. Is that “Type” the new HS4 “Category” or is that the “Device Type” that you see under device > Status/Graphics > Advanced Information > Device Type, like Api: 4? The user guide doesn't show example of Type to be really clear. I recall reading somewhere long ago that modifying that Device Type field can cause problems, so haven't messed with it.

    2: If the EasyTrigger Property field “Type” is the “Device Type”, is there a way to build dynamic group off of the new HS4 "Category" field? If not, is that anywhere on the future road map?

    1. Type is the device type

    2. There is currently no way to build dynamic group based on category. Category is a HS4 only property, so I have first to convert the EasyTrigger plugin to a HS4 plugin then I will add the category property in dynamic groups.