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Group Devices with specific values : How to get list?

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    Originally posted by spud View Post
    Unfortunately I don't have a good solution for this problem
    I could add one set of global variables for each event, i.e ETDeviceName_123 where 123 would be the event ID, but even though it would not be perfect because you could have several group triggers for the same event, or the event could trigger several times in a short period of time and then the global variables would still be overwritten.
    spud can you please implement this? thx!


      spud is this on your roadmap soon? pretty please :-)


        Originally posted by Ltek View Post
        spud is this on your roadmap soon? pretty please :-)
        yes, I hope to have enough time to implement this during the next weekend, or next week.


          Please test version available as a beta version, For all the group triggers I added the possibility to add a suffix for the global variables names set when the trigger is fired.

          Click image for larger version

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            spud so far so good... dones a few tests. Will report back after a few days too. Thank you sooo much for this!