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HS4 version?

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  • Guest
    Guest replied
    Yes , it is working, but having two ways of searching devices depending if the trigger/cond./action is from an an hs3 (select devices directly.)or hs4 plugin (select parent then the feature)is confusing sometimes

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  • mulu
    Hmm, EasyTrigger works perfectly fine with HS4. The only complaint I have is that the plugin shows so many options on the first level for events. Rather than choosing the plugin and then selecting the function, this plugin shows all the options in the main menu. If every plugin would do this there would be a big GUI issue. Luckily, other plugins behave better.

    I also hope that EasyTrigger is adding conditional events. Frankly, everything that EasyTrigger is doing should be part of HS. For me EasyTrigger was the best plugin investment besides the Arduino plugin.

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  • davidology
    started a topic HS4 version?

    HS4 version?

    Sorry if asked before - I searched but didn't see it.

    Are there plans for an HS4 version (even if have to purchase again, which I would happily do)?

    (I just cleared out my HS install and starting fresh; trying to use v4 as much as possible)