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Using the schedule with seconds ?

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    Using the schedule with seconds ?

    I'm using this plugin for a couple of years with the schedule.
    But today, i realized i can't use it with seconds, only minutes.

    Is there a way to add this ?
    Because i have a Vivarium that needs to be sprayed every now and then, and i can't let it spray for 1 minute at once because that would cause a problem.
    The cool thing was if i could use the schedule and use the whole week with a couple times a day simulating rain for the whole week.
    But sadly i can only minimize it to 1 minute every time..

    The max time i want to spray is arround 10-30 seconds depends on the day and temperature.

    Would be great if you could add it or if there is an other way let me know.

    thanks and have a nice day.
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