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    Help with event programming


    I want to be able to open my garage door after I press 2 buttons on an X10 credit card controller. I want to press the #1 ON and then within 20 seconds press #2 ON and then after that the garage door will open. I have a bunch of the X10 credit card controllers and they are small enough to fit in my pocket. I don't want to accidently hit a button and open the door. Any ideas?

    Thanks in advance,



    You will need one virtual device and two events to do this.

    Create the virtual device and name it something like "Verification Window"

    Then create the first event and name it something like "Garage Door Remote Verification Routine - Part 1" Setup this first event like so...

    "Garage Door Remote Verification Routine - Part 1"


    X10 Button One is pressed


    Set Device Verification Window to ON

    Remove Delayed Device Actions for : Verification Window

    Set Device: Verification Window to Off after a delay of 20 Seconds

    Then setup a second event like so...
    "Garage Door Remote Verification Routine - Part 2"


    X10 Button Two is pressed

    AND IF

    Verification Window has a value equal to On


    Set Device: Garage Door to Open

    That should work for you to open the door with two different presses of the remote buttons.

    Question though. How are you going to prevent closing the door on someone if you are unable to see the door from the remote? You may need to monitor the door position and add that info into the logic for safety.

    Hope this helps,

    Roger D


      I haven't tried it, but something like this might work.
      If Button 2 becomes equal to Button 1
      And If Button 1 is equal to On
      And If Button 1 has changed in the last 5 seconds
      Then activate the garage door

      You will also need events to return the button devices to their original state after a short time
      Something like
      If Button 1 changes and becomes On
      Then wait 10 seconds
      Then turn Button 1 Off
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