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Events Using An Expression Have Statements That Are Not Sticky

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    Events Using An Expression Have Statements That Are Not Sticky

    When HomeSeer is rebooted many of my event statements with easy trigger expressions un-save themselves and I need to go through all of them and manually save them again. This is very disturbing as I do not know for sure whether or not the event is working correctly in their unsaved state. What I mean is this simply a visual reporting or are they really unsaved in the system and thus not performing the intended function. Needless to say, it's been a problem for me as I use easytrigger extensively and this bug or compatibility issue or whatever has become a constant nuisance.

    I am using the Windows 20 with the latest beta version but the issue I am having has been occuring for many months, so I cannot quite pinpoint when it first began. Further this is happening on two separate servers in different stats, so I do not think its system related. So I am wondering if anyone else has seen this, expecially when working with recent beta's?

    Once I do all the saves everything stays put until HS4 is closed and reopened.

    The issue can also be seen when disabling and re-enabling the plugin.

    Click image for larger version  Name:	2.JPG Views:	0 Size:	39.7 KB ID:	1498372

    Click image for larger version  Name:	1.JPG Views:	0 Size:	62.9 KB ID:	1498371

    I have experienced this in HS3 as well, it seems that the new HS4 beta is just amplifying the issue with the warning symbol on every ET event. I noticed that when I opened the event in the HS3 Legacy page and then went back to the HS4 event page, the warning was gone.

    While the events still seem to be triggering ok for me, there is defiantly an issue with ET and the new HS versions.

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      We are working on it, the issue is that EasyTrigger thinks it is a trigger whereas it is a condition so it thinks it is not configured properly.
      This should not prevent your events to work as expected though


        Thanks The Profit for the validation and I agree its quite flakey. Sometimes a simple page refresh cures the issue and other times it can be quite stubbor and every line needs to be resaved, and I now believe that spud is indeed correct, even given the scare of the warning symbol, the events seem to be firing as intended. So we don't have to stress over function, rather simply tolderate the form for now.


          This issue has been fixed in HS Beta