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How to use group trigger for range

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    How to use group trigger for range

    Another EasyTrigger plugin user here.
    Would like to understand how to use correctly the group trigger for a range.
    I'm trying to get an alert if my temperature sensors in my 2 fridges reporting values too high.
    For that I created a group named "congelatorTemperatureGroup" of 2 sensors with dynamic type and I could see the correct sensors when clicking the eye icon.

    Then I created a new test event with next if condition:

    Any device in group congelatorTemperatureGroup has been in range [10,40] for at least 00:00:10

    The above condition should trigger the event as one of 2 sensors reports +35C degrees and other +3C degrees, but the event is not triggered and I could not understand what I do wrong.
    Need help to correctly use the group and range.

    The Event will only run if the condition is true at the exact moment that the virtual device is set to ON. Tell us what controls the virtual device.

    if the virtual device is designed to start and stop the event from running, it would have to be another Condition. My Events all use a recurring trigger like this:

    Click image for larger version  Name:	675AB941-9AB4-4DE3-BC67-021548F084B7.jpg Views:	0 Size:	54.0 KB ID:	1547740

    The virtual device for defrost cycle is controlled by the refrigerators energy consumption so that we don’t get an alert during defrost cycles. I have another “emergency” Event if the temperature goes above 20 degrees.
    HS4 Pro, Windows 10 pro, Supermicro LP Xeon


      Thanks randy
      I completely forgot about the if trigger.
      Will change my if condition and test again.

      BTW, could the easy trigger range be the trigger by itself? In other words could I set an if condition using just Easy Trigger range without any other trigger or better to use a similar to your case a trigger for each minute and then range verification?


        Yes the Trigger could use the temperature and “This Device had its value set and is greater than…” as the trigger. You could also use the Easy Trigger “This device’s value has been in the range [x,y] for exactly…”. Either would work.

        I also neglected to mention that you should set the advanced Event option “Event Cannot Re-Run for” when using the recurring trigger. This is important so that you don’t get flooded with emails or push alerts. I set mine for 15 minutes so that I’ll get an initial announcement and Pushover message, followed by 1 every 15 minutes until the temperature is back to normal. You would want the same option if using “This Device had its value set and is greater than…” as the trigger. It is not needed with the Easy Trigger Trigger, because it is one shot. I want to keep getting alerts until the problem is corrected.
        HS4 Pro, Windows 10 pro, Supermicro LP Xeon


          Good point to use "Event cannot re-run for", usually I forgot till I start receiving all those push notifications.
          Also tried with ".. automatically trigger every 1 min" and it worked
          Thanks for your help, really appreciate