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Need help syncing multiple HS-WD200+

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    Need help syncing multiple HS-WD200+

    I feel like this should be simple however I don't know how to achieve it.

    I have a space with 8 dimmer switches controlling lights for a portion. I would like to link all eight together and have them behave as one. In Easy Trigger I created a group but I am unclear on how to link their states together.

    This is on HS4 if that makes any difference.

    There are multiple ways to accomplish what you want. I believe device linking will probably give you the most responsive control of your devices with the least amount of work. Here is an HS3 example but HS4 isnt that dissimilar
    HS4 Pro on Shuttle NC10U, Win10; Z-NET
    Number of Devices: 1005
    Number of Events: 293

    Plug-Ins: BLLock, DirecTv, EasyTrigger, Honeywell WiFi Thermostat, Marquis monoprice Amp, MeiHarmonyHub, PHLocation2, Pushover 3P, UltraM1G3, rnbWeather, Worx Landroid, Z-Wave

    External applications: Homebridge-homeseer, Geofency, EgiGeoZone.