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Missing some devices in the EasyTrigger list

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    Missing some devices in the EasyTrigger list

    I just added a ZWave smoke detector (already have a few of the same type working with EasyTrigger as expected), but I'm only seeing the root device in the config list. I tried disabling/renabling the plugin (as this is a known issue that sometimes the list doesn't update when changes are made to HS4 devices), but I only see the root device. See the attached screenshots. 1. is the easyTrigger config list, the other is the device root and all associated devices to demonstrate that they do exist in the system.

    Date/time=10/12/2022 8:12:58 AM Pacific Daylight Time
    Version=HS4 Standard Edition (Windows)
    Confguration File=C:\Program Files (x86)\HomeSeer HS4\Data\HomeSeerData.json
    In Virtual Machine=No MFG: asustek computer inc.
    Antivirus=Windows Defender
    OS=Microsoft Windows 10 Pro - Work Station
    OS Version=10.0.19044
    Uptime=7 Days 11 Hours 27 Minutes 36 Seconds
    Lan IP= (SmartHomePC)
    Device Count=1694
    Event Count=366
    Processor:=Intel64 Family 6 Model 167 Stepping 1 at 3.35 GHz
    Modules/Threads=174 Modules, 154 Threads
    Available Threads=1600
    System Load=280 Processes, 5% Load
    Free/Total Memory=7.52 GBytes / 15.78 GBytes (48% free)
    Free/Total Virtual Memory=4.64 GBytes / 18.15 GBytes (26% free)
    HomeSeer Memory Used=170 Mbytes
    Plugin Memory Used=19 EXE Plug-Ins using 1 Gbytes
    Plugins Installed=AK EnphaseEnvoy,AK GoogleCalendar,AK GoogleCast,AK Weather,APCUPSD,Big6,EasyTrigger,Ecobee,HSBuddy 3.30.1003.1,IFTTT,LutronCaseta,mcsMQTT,Pushover,Rachio,SmartThings,SolarEdge,Unifi,Z-Wave,Z-Wave UI‚Äč

    Any help on this would be greatly appreciated. I also couldn't find anything in the logs.
    Attached Files

    Update: After doing a full reboot of HS4 it seems that all the devices are now appearing.