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  • NAB
    Originally posted by rprade View Post
    Within the scheduling system being able to have a number of events sharing a schedule, but have the schedule dynamically set.
    I'll second that, and for the same reason - needing to schedule different heating/hot water depending on whether we're working, on holiday at home or on holiday away from home.

    Love the plugin, by the way.


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  • rprade

    This might be a complex request, but could be useful for dynamic thermostat control, lighting schedules, etc. I really don't know if it is even feasible.

    Within the scheduling system being able to have a number of events sharing a schedule, but have the schedule dynamically set.

    For example say I have a schedule to control heating, that can vary depending on work schedules. It would be convenient for all heating events to look to a schedule, but to have the schedule be changeable by events.

    The most straightforward method would be to have a function like your set device to another device, but instead it would be set schedule to another schedule. I could have global schedules and several other schedules to be used as needed. With that I could create an event that could set "HeatingSchedule" to "HeatingWork7", then the next week set "HeatingSchedule" to "HeatingWork9". Being able to set a schedule to another schedule would have dozens of uses within my system and could eliminate dozens of events. I would think others could use it as well.

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  • maverick
    Dynamic device call

    Hi Spud,

    Really fond of your plugin - it has brought down my scripts significantly!

    I not possible, the consider this a feature request:-)

    IF <all devices where name contains "Sensor"> changes
    <set global variable "last motion" to name of MAX(timesincelastchange)>

    or another dynamic call

    Event manually triggered
    Set device to ON if floor contains "first" and type contains "z-wave"

    I have given up on doing these script wise - I can do it in PHP, but I am not good with the HS ( type of script.

    Thanks again!


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  • stefxx
    Great plugin, thanks!

    I would really like to see a "Random Wait" action. I use random events a lot, but sometimes I need delays between the actions. Now they are always static delays, but I would love to make the different actions (that often are depending on each other) more random by using a "Random Wait".

    So instead of a "Then Wait 2 Minuten, 20 Seconds" something like "Then Wait between 2 minutes, 10 Seconds and 5 Minutes, 30 Seconds"?

    Thanks for taking this into consideration!

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  • spud
    Originally posted by kideon View Post
    Can you add a toggle action? I know there's a script out there but it'd be easier this way.
    In version (available here) I have added the "Toggle Device" action

    You can toggle the device between 2 or more values (up to ten), and you can even choose specific value within a range.
    Ideally the values you select need to be both control and status, if they are control only the plugin won't be able to match the current status of the device with one of the toggle value, so in this case it will use the last toggle choice that was fired and increment from that value.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	toggleonoff.png
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    Click image for larger version

Name:	togglevolume.png
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    Click image for larger version

Name:	togglerepeat.png
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