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    Originally posted by spud View Post
    In version released as a Beta, I have added the "Super" group type. A super group can contain any other group type including other super groups, but if a super group contains another super group be careful to not create circular references which would lead to a group containing itself.

    Click image for larger version

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    Any plans to add other feature soon?
    A natural extension to groups (which as immense value) is being able to place them in a virtual device to see the status. I made this request a few years ago I think. Super Groups make this even more useful... a device that we can set to show the status like: Doors/Windows currently Open, Motion Sensors currently triggered, etc


      randy, please test version, it should solve your problem.


        All good now!
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          Would be great to have a plugin function that checks whether a specific time is in a schedule, rather than always assuming NOW.

          Could be a simple addition of an optional second parameter of type DateTime in the call to IsTimeInScheduleTimeRange.

          Scenario I want to handle - I have scripts which use schedules to decide when actions are allowed (e.g. managing blinds for direct sunlight), but in some cases I want to not take a specific action during the last X minutes of a schedule - so I'd like to be able to use IsTimeInScheduleTimeRange("Schedule", Now.AddMinutes(X)) to check that.


            also Super groups are super, thanks!