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    Schedule error

    I discovered an error I have missed for the last few weeks. I was looking at specific Easy Trigger log entries when tring to test the random trigger yesterday.

    When we went back and forth about how to schedule over a period covering Sunday at midnight. You made a change to the program and suggested this:

    [Sun Sunset-01:00;Mon 00:00],[Mon 00:00;Mon Sunrise+01:00],[Mon Sunset-01:00;Tue Sunrise+01:00],[Tue Sunset-01:00;Wed Sunrise+01:00],[Wed Sunset-01:00;Thu Sunrise+01:00],[Thu Sunset-01:00;Fri Sunrise+01:00],[Fri Sunset-01:00;Sat Sunrise+01:00],[Sat Sunset-01:00;Sun Sunrise+01:00]

    where for I create a Sunday night period and a Monday morning as seen at the beginning. As you can see in the attached screenshot the schedule looks fine. I get this error every time every time the plug-in is started:

    Sep-05 2:02:55 AM EasyTrigger ERROR System.FormatException: end time Mon Sunrise+01:00 cannot be before start time Sun Sunset-01:00 at HSPI_EasyTrigger.ScheduleTimeSlot.Parse(String s) at HSPI_EasyTrigger.Schedule.SetTimeSlots(String timeSlots)

    This schedule is to only allow motion controlled interior lighting between the hours of 1 hour prior to sunset and 1 hour after sunrise. I have been using a virtual device for all of these events. The one event I have used this schedule for as a test has been working fine, but I honestly don't know if I have tested it on Sunday evening/night.
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    HS4 Pro, Windows 10 pro, Supermicro LP Xeon

    I can't replicate this problem with version
    what version are you running? I'm pretty sure this error has been fixed since version


      scratch that
      actually the error is about another schedule you must have in your EasyTrigger.ini that contains [Sun Sunset-01:00;Mon Sunrise+01:00] which is invalid. So edityour ini and delete this schedule manually. With newest version it should now be impossible that the plugin save in ini an invalid schedule.