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    Support for Linux HS

    Hi there:

    I've been trying to get the json config plugin to work with HS under Linux. The nodejs app is running fine (did on my own), but the plugin config is insisting on a windows-style path for the config location e.g. c:/. Could you please create a version that's modified to allow posix-style path info e.g. /homeseer/ instead?


    I emailed Rien about this issue, he asked for debug logs which I can't seem to find and at least on my installation viewing the log database through homeseer does not work. I provided him with info from stdout instead. Hopefully that will help someone, my trial ends in a couple of days.

    You can bypass the bug by creating a symlink to the config.json file... ie

     ln -s config.json "\config.json"
    A dirty solution and an indicator there might be other bugs lurking.. Evident on my system as after getting past that bug I get the following:

    DEBUG3: Ref1 is:374
    01:10:35:8458:[Error]->Calling ConfigDevice in plugin JsonConfigForHomekit:Operator '=' is not defined for type 'Object' and type 'Int32'.

    Anyhow, I'm waiting on a response from Rien an will update here when I hear back.

    This board really needs a linux/bsd/osx section with its own subcategories. It's clear that anyone using a *nix solution is going to be almost completely self-supporting. Might as well have a consolidated location for any information that we share with each other.


      Just purchased & installed the JsonConfigForHomekit plugin.

      Stuck at what to enter for "Path to HomeKit config:"

      Anyone have this working yet on linux hs3?

      I've tried "C:\homebridge-homeseer" but nothing happens or changes.