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  • Control Inactivity Delay Programatically


    I have been testing out your KMS plugin and intend to purchase it as soon as my trial is up, thank you for developing it. I was hoping you would be able to point me in the right direction.

    I have a remote instance for my desktop computer with an inactivity delay of 600 seconds. This works fine and reliably turns my monitor off after ten minutes of inactivity based on an event I created. I would like to expand upon this concept by turning my monitor off as soon as I lock my workstation. I downloaded Big5, set up a GET request route, can call the route from cUrl (via task scheduler and trigger "on workstation lock" and the event it's hooked into turns my monitor off. Sweet!

    Not so sweet is that I have to wait for the inactivity timeout to occur before my monitor will turn back on. I went into the device and went to "Status Graphics" and changed the "Status-Control" field to "both". This made it appear in my list to be able to set the status from an event, but it doesn't work. When I attempt to turn the device created by this instance "Off" using an event, nothing happens, it doesn't switch at all.

    If you could tell me the best way to make this work I would be appreciative. I either would like to turn this device off so that the KMS remote instance can flip it back to "On" as soon as I move the mouse (decoupled from the inactivity delay), or a way to change the inactivity delay to whatever time I would like using an event so that I may set it to a few seconds when I run the "workstation locked" event and back to 600 seconds when I run the "mouse or keyboard moved" event.


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    I don't think there is an easy way to do this right now, but I'm going to add an Off control so that you can force the sensor status to reset to 0.
    Stay tuned.


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      In version added to the beta section of the updater, I have added the Off control to the device.
      To let the plugin create it you have to delete your current device before you start the new version


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        Hi Spud!

        Thanks for the lightning fast response. I selected the beta in the plugin manager, installed it, deleted my KMS device, and restarted the HSPI_KMS executable via the run.bat script with the same params. I still do not see a way to turn the device off, am I missing something obvious?



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          Nevermind! I got it working now, thank you SO much!

          When you updated the text for the link in the user guide, the actual link location was not updated so I was still downloading the version. Copied the link text, downloaded the new executable / dlls and everything seems to be working.