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Setting KMS to Off after Computer Power Down

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    Setting KMS to Off after Computer Power Down

    Since the KMS can't switch the device off at monitored computer power down I have implemented the following work around:

    1. Manually assign the KMS device a HomeSeer code. (Spud this might be a feature request, that when the devices are created they are automatically given a HomeSeer code).

    2. In conjunction with 'UltraMon' (Ultra's Network Monitoring plug-in...sure it will work with Blades also) I set up an event that when the computer goes 'troubled' (aka is powered off) and the KMS device is still showing as on, I run a &hs.SetDeviceValue command line script that turns the KMS device off.

    Example as follows:
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    thank you for sharing

    the device address is legacy from HS2, in HS3 you can use the Reference ID and the SetDeviceValueByRef function