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    Password Errors

    I've done some clean up and found/fixed the following.

    1. Some of the "errors" were not actual errors and would go away on next interval of the PI updating from Life360. I have changed those to not be scary

    2. The password change from the PI configuration was not updating the Life360 Auth Token and so you would get several intervals of the above errors until the Auth Token was refreshed which could take a while depending on interval settings or result in LOTS of the errors in the logs with a short interval.

    3. I have tested and re-tested with all sorts of passwords with long lengths and lots and lots of special characters. I have not had a problem/error in relation to special characters but I will keep an eye out as I don't doubt this being a problem but I have not been able to recreate.

    4. I have sent another e-mail to the updater support to get access to publish Beta versions. Once I have that access I will submit the new version to the Beta section and all future releases until we have consensus of ready for production.

    I changed my password to again include special characters, then disabled and re-enabled. It threw the Object reference not set error you mentioned in the other thread, but started up ok anyway.

    I guess my password change--when I removed special characters--had nothing to do with the PI restarting before. Just coincidence.