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Passing By a Location

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    Passing By a Location

    What is everyone doing to not trigger a location if you only pass by?

    If I drive by my house I dont want it to trigger Im home and then triggery Im away.

    Same thing for my work.

    I feel like I need to use time somehow but Im just not grasping it in my head.

    About all you can do is something like '... AND "Mike's Location" has been "Home" for at least 2 minutes...'. But that's not great if you're looking to trigger something based on arriving at home without a delay.

    So you might also need to start a timer when "Mike's Location" becomes "Home" and then wait for something else to happen to confirm it (garage door opens, for example, or use something like Tasker/Automate/IFTTT to run another event to confirm you're home, etc.) and don't react unless the confirmation event happens within 2 minutes of the timer being started.