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Life360 Password Warning and Keys to Places Dictionary Error

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  • cowinger
    Thanks, I changed the polling time. Will see if it works.

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  • simplextech
    Are you running any other Life360 connector/app/plugin from any other system... Hubitat?

    Life360 will complain about too many connections too often from the same IP. The failed adding keys is because it did not authenticate so it did not get the Places information to be able to update the Places dictionary.

    If running from multiple system space the polling intervals out between them and try that.

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  • Life360 Password Warning and Keys to Places Dictionary Error

    An Warning occurred in the log about Devices not being updated and also authentication of the password. Also an Error about keys. The password has not changed. Keys? See pic.

    Click image for larger version  Name:	pic1.png Views:	0 Size:	18.7 KB ID:	1314353

    Also, I changed my password in Life360 and changed it in the PI. I clicked on Connect in the PI and it showed creating devices (I didn't have any prior) but none were created. No entry in the logs of adding them or an error.