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    HS4 Version

    I know this is not the HS4 area, but i dont see a forum section for Life 360 under HS4 so here I am. Functional the plugin works. I have a fresh install running HS4 Pro (no upgrade). but i am seeing two problems.

    1) If i try to load the devices on the mobile app i just get a spinning wheel.
    2) aside from the person grouping, it also seems to create individual items. kinda like a life copy. if i enable bulk edit and click on one, both get marked. (image below).

    any plans on a HS4 version? I know multi cicles have been a question. The CEO also released "Bubbles" the other day.

    anyway, this addon is great for my geo fencing rules. I would love to see it continued.

    Click image for larger version

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    As of right now there is no plan for a HS4 version. As far as we were told (as developers) the HS3 plugins "would just work" on HS4. That said I'll see what I can see about the groupings to see if maybe there is something up with them that could resolve your issue. I know that grouping in hs4 is different and I don't know how they translate an HS3 grouping in HS4.


      Thank you! if you need testing, logs, etc... let me know as i would be happy to asssit.


        Same issue here and would love to see it working in HS4. Location names are also not properly propagated. Lots of duplicated devices. There is a connection but the details don't show up in the devices. I am afraid it is a little more than just the grouping but hope it doesn't put you off fixing.

        Update: above was with v1, tried v3 error during install but just worked and all data seems there. Thanks for a good working version.