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Struggling to make Life360 beta plugin work with HS4

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    Struggling to make Life360 beta plugin work with HS4

    I still struggle making the plugin work with HS4.
    As I see, most users for whom it works already had some setup on HS3 and moved to HS4.
    But I am installing the plugin from scratch on HS4, new setup.

    First I had issues installing the plugin (error message same as reported here:
    I tried unpacking the file to the plugin folder as proposed here:

    and after I ran the exe file in the plugin folder I got it installed, although I had to manually copy the images from "" file to the folder: C:\Program Files\HomeSeer HS4\html\images\life360 to make them appear correctly on the created device.

    I've enabled the plugin, requested MyHS access code from the configuration section, pasted it, then clicked on "Request MyHS Token".
    Put the login/pass for life360, and - later - created goodlemaps API key and put it into the plugin configuration

    After I created devices I've got a device for myself (there is only me in my circle currently), and this device seem to more or less work: It updates battery status, wifi, phone number, etc.

    For latitude and longitude I see only "0" as data
    I see "home" (this is where I currently am) under the "Address 1" section, but sometimes I see street address there (correct one). Address 2 and Address 3 are mostly presented as "off", but sometimes I see my voivodship (district?) under Address 2 and the street name (without house number) under Address 3.

    So it seem to be working.

    But if I go to event section and try to create an event based on location (i.e. when I'm home) I don't have such possibility. If I go to the "Address 1" I see only "off" and "on" as options to choose (see screenshot). I tried other "Features" without any luck.

    I don't have any other devices created by the plugin.

    I would welcome any help to make it work.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	HS Life360 error.jpg
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    It seems that in general connection with phone works - the battery status, wifi state, etc, updates according to the phone state.

    But something wrong is with location services - for example plugin don't change status to "in transit" when I'm driving, etc.

    Another issue is with location values: for example currently I am at the location other than "home". If I go to the plugin, it presents the name of the location (correct) in the "Address 1" section. But value for this name is "1", the same as for "home" (in the graphics/status section I have only two values for Address1 part: 0 - OFF and 1 - ON)

    If I look through the HS app on my phone, under "Address1" sometimes I see the proper name of the location I currently am within, and sometimes the number (corresponding to the number of the house, but I don't know if this just a coincidence or not).

    Any idea or hint how to make it work properly?


      OK, I found another solution


        Hi Kwieto,

        Did you manage to find a work-around, or get the plugin to work correctly?
        I seem to have the same issue. The plugin seems to be working, when its "On" the "Address 1" when i'm home, and its updating accordingly.

        But i've tried to use it in a event, just to send a notification when i'm entering home, but it does not trigger the action.

        Any tips or ideas?