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Random phrases with random voices

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    Random phrases with random voices

    First of all. Great plugin CFGuy

    Maybe this was obvious for many but I just conclude on a different twist for using this Plugin.
    1. Create a Category called "Voices" and make it type "Prepend"
    2. Create a Category called "Voice end" and make it type "Append"
    3. In the "Voices" category add one phrase per SAPI Voices you have ex.: <voice required='Name=IVONA 2 Chantal OEM'>
    4. In the "Voice end" category just add (1) phrase : </voice>
    5. In an HS Event Random speak select the regular phrase category as usual but Select "Voices" for Prepend and "Voice end" for Append
    Result : Each phrase will use a random voice thus muliplying my combinations.

    The way I was initially going was to cut and paste each pharse and change the start and end portion.
    A) It doubled the work of initial entry or editing
    B) Visually, all the tags were making Category consultation a bit painfull.