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Maybe I am missing something here - but why so many wake up calls?

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    Since I have changed all devices wake-up, I will let them run for a day or two, and hope everything re-learns :-)


      Okay, I think I can "close" this thread so to speak. It seems to work now.

      What I did, is exactly what Steve wrote, I have reprogrammed ALL my sensors that are battery devices, and altered the wake-up time. Now some devices only seem to support 1 byte (0-255 minutes) so I choose 240 minutes for those, the others are a mix between 24h and 12h, and then ONE device is 6h. In general I think what I did wrong was to let all be default - it may work for some, however it for sure did not work in my case. Onde device I also had to remove (I deleted the child in SDJ-Health) and remove from my Z-Wave controller node - and after inclusion into Z-Wave controller, it was picked up correctly (as always!) by SDJ-Health. I think it might had some issue with the first inclusion since well it is just a feeling of snappier response and stuff like that.

      In the end: Steve - a very large thanks for all you help, and teaching - I have learned alot more about Z-Wave battery devices (I will most likely forget all that within a month, since this now might just work, and well anything that just works I tend to forget....)


        Originally posted by larhedse View Post
        .....and well anything that just works I tend to forget....
        Very true