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SDJ-Health report in HSTouch

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  • SDJ-Health report in HSTouch

    Pretty basic stuff but one thing I find useful in my custom HSTouch phone screens is to be able to view the full SDJ-Health report of my battery devices. It is easy to display this in a text element which you can scroll up and down by swiping.
    In the past this didn't work very well as the text would refresh every few seconds jumping back to the top of the list. However, it appears that the refresh rate of script statements has changed recently so this is no longer an issue.

    This rough screenshots show an example. The text has been scrolled upwards in the right hand view. Note that the text displayed is formatted html so will highlight alert values in red so that they stand out. The report can be changed between Status, Short or Full using the controls on the root device which can be assigned to buttons.
    The Status report just states the number of monitored devices, how many are ok, how many have alerts and which device was the last to raise an alert.
    The Short report adds the full details of any devices that are currently showing an alert.
    The full report shows the full details of all monitored devices.

    Click image for larger version  Name:	Snapshots.png Views:	2 Size:	441.8 KB ID:	1281761

    The report is just a text element with the following script statement for the text property:

    Where 1597 is the RefID of your SDJ-Health root device.

    The text element must have its IsHTML property set to True.