It's been 2 years since dealing with HS / Zwave. It has certainly been an interesting road, but far away from simple, reliable and stress free. However expecting 70 devices (45 battery powered ones) will work flawlessly all the time is, I see now, very stupid to expect. So to add a critical operations such as heating/cooling to it using cheap Chinese plugs makes us beings a slaves to a smart house that should think for us instead. Yeah right

So THANK you Steve for giving us SDJ Health, for giving us an option to monitor and alert before the **** actually happens.

We have battery device that had period wakeup. If missed we assume it's dead. Although I have one battery device (Neo coolcam Multisensor) that will ignore wake up interval.
Now we got powered device beta version to test.

What about other stuff that can choke the system and make it unresponsive.

Once I set the 1sec loop and destination was sending data directly to Z-wave device instead of Virtual device. That choke the network as every second Z-wave data was sent out-. So A user stupidity. Maybe a alert for choking the network or if one device is contacted to many times repeatedly.

Or to alert if there are waiting ques.

Just thinking.