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Motion Sensor Battery Died - No Notification?

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    Originally posted by DLONG2 View Post
    I checked the "Log poll and wake-up messages" option in the Z-wave plug-in late yesterday. In the logs I can see the "Wake-up Notification Processing for Node x" entries which just started late yesterday. As an example, though, at 9:35 PM, the log shows wake up processing on Node 18, and an immediate "wake up notification received for Node 18". But the event got triggered at 6:07 AM today where Node 18 had the 'Last Wake 10/23/2021 9:35 PM' along with 2 other nodes which the logs show that wake-up notifications had been received earlier. I am more interested in battery levels, and am wondering how to avoid these too-frequent wake up alerts. Thanks Steve.

    Without knowing all the details of your devices and how you have things set up I suspect that having now changed to monitoring by wake-ups, you just need to let things settle down. Once a device has woken up twice the plug-in learns the sleep interval for that device. You shouldn't then get unnecessary alerts unless a device has very unreliable sleep intervals and even then you can trim the settings to prevent that. Make sure that your monitoring devices have been automatically converted to monitoring by wake-ups. If they haven't then maybe you inadvertently deselected the 'Monitor Log for wake-ups' at the top of the SDJ-Health Battery Devices page. In your Homeseer log immediately after each Z-Wave wake-up message you should see an SDJ-Health message 'Wake-up device #??? added to queue for processing' if you have LogLevel=1.

    You can of course turn off alerts due to missed wake-ups either globally or for individual devices, using the settings in SDJ-Health. To change globally deselect the highlighted option shown below:


    To change it for specific devices only deselect the same option on the SDJ-Health tab for the monitoring child of a device.

    However, you won't then be alerted if your device stops working for any reason before the battery level drops below your pre-defined threshold.

    I hope this helps,