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Wake up call - how would you do it?

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  • Wake up call - how would you do it?

    One of the super simple things we use HS is for turning on our bedroom lights first thing in the morning. Typically Monday-Friday we have an event run when the house is occupied, it's not a holiday (using BLGData) and it's 7am. I have an alarm set with an app on my android phone that also goes off at 7am.

    1. Some weekday mornings I get up at 5:30am which is decided the night before. So I toggle the status of a virtual device for an early wake up in HS3, which just cracks our bedroom lights on at 5:30am. I also have to set in the app on my phone to set the alarm to go off on my phone at 5:30am as well.
    2. Alarm on my phone will go off when I am not sleeping at home, for example up at the cabin (when I do not want to get up at 7am). So I have to make sure it is shut off before going to bed.

    I have Tasker on my android phone as well as the HS plugin. Now is there any way to interface Tasker with an alarm app on my phone that I can snooze? I'm sure Tasker can set off an alarm, but I would like the ability to snooze.

    That way when I turn the virtual device to 5:30am wakeup or the default 7am wakeup it's HS turning on the lights and telling my phone to set off a wake up alarm, only when I am home. If I am not home then the lights don't turn on (as how it is right now) but at the same time it won't trigger the alarm on my phone.

    Typically we only have two wakeup times, however an extension of the basic idea is there a way with VR to set "Homeseer set tomorrows wake up call to X:XXam" and then have it trigger the wakeup event and set the alarm off on my phone. To which I can snooze if desired?

    I hope this makes sense. Long story short I can do 95% this with Tasker, virtual devices and a HS event(s) as it stands right now. I just can't figure out the snooze button aspect and I suspect this needs an alarm app that can be triggered from Tasker? Any recommendations or ideas? Or would you have a different way of implementing this?

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    You could set up tasker to set alarm based on calendar entries. (That's how I run mine anyway) lots of alarm apps have tasker integration. Alarmpad is one example.

    So calendar entry leads to alarm setting which could also trigger homeseer event of ramp up bedroom light.

    To have it turn off phone alarm and homeseer ramp up based on location you could actually do a very basic setup using tasker alone to control the homeseer device.

    That way you could make an profile in tasker with the calendar plugin checking status in calendar and creating alarm. Then that would call another action of "IF alarm set AND location=x activate alarm task"
    Then the alarm task would be to set off the alarm and set homeseer device to set value.

    Hard to follow probably but this is a way I can think of off top of my head.

    I personally find tasker easier to control and setup new ideas for home automation than the homeseer control. So sometimes I'll use tasker to do all the leg work. E.g. set bedroom light to 5%, wait 10 seconds, set bedroom light to 10% etc etc

    Not the quickest way of doing things but it works.

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