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%HSSetdevicevalue intermittently works

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  • %HSSetdevicevalue intermittently works

    Hi, I'm still trialling Tasker with HS3 and have it set-up and configured with connection to myHS and also locally over wifi - i entered the local IP and selected my SSID, port 80 no SSL (I did have trouble initially and had to manually create empty config files as Tasker complained it couldn't create the files but after creating them the Setup Connection confirmed it had connected).

    I have created simple tasks to turn individual z-wave lights on, however not every run actually turns the device on at home. This happens either when running the task from a Tasker widget/icon on my homescreen or manually running it in tasker (play icon).

    1. Variable Set %HSSetdevicevalue To 99
    2. Variable Set %HsRef To 53

    I have also created a Profile that runs a task every 5 minutes to get the status of a HS device which seems to be working - however while writing this I wondered whether by chance this is interfering with the turn light on tasks if for example I run the light on task while the device update task is attempting to get the status?

    using: Name %HSCommand to getref=93
    Variable set Name %StatusVarTest to %HSReturnedvalue

    I'm using a sony Z2 phone on android 6.0.1, latest version of Tasker with Autoremote.

    Does tasker send commands to HS3 over the LAN directly to HS3 if the phone's connected to the SSID selected during the connection setup or will it always use myHS? Is there a way to tell which method it used when sending the command or see what it is currently using? I also wondered whether LAN is failing, then on a second run it uses myHS or vice-versa?

    Any ideas what the issue could be? I like the idea of using Tasker but at the moment it appears too unreliable.

    Many thanks,


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    Hi, could you open console debug by enable it from the plugin page. When the tasker commands fails to set your z-wave device look in the console if you see any incomming traffic.

    When taskerscript recognice ssid it will send the command over lan network if direct connection is selected. If myhs service it will check with hs service for actual ip, local or over lan.
    Please excuse any spelling and grammatical errors I may make.
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    Tonlof | Sweden


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      Originally posted by tonlof View Post
      If myhs service it will check with hs service for actual ip, local or over lan.
      Thanks for the reply and help. I set Debug to 1 and the toast messages showed it was always connecting to when on the wifi at home.

      So just to clarify, if the SSID is saved, and myhs is the connection method should it use the local connection IP I entered when connected to the SSID? Which file does it get the login credentials from in this scenario assuming it will connect locally? Maybe this is where the problem is.

      I played around with it more over the weekend and changed to direct connection as well as adding Device Update as the last task. It seems more reliable now but obviously won't work outside of home.

      Many thanks,