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    Static IP

    I'm just looking through the install directions for this before buying it and noticed it wants to go through the myhs cloud service. I'm not a big fan of cloud services - seems everything has its own cloud service these days.

    I have a static IP for my hs3 install - can I substitute my static IP for the LAN IP in the plugin and use it without going through the cloud?

    Hi Mark,

    You can use static ip from your android device to hs3.
    The opposite way from hs3 to tasker have a local function to send the message locally but since phones/tabled save power and not always listen, so the messages can fail and that's why cloud is better that use the google push service.
    Please excuse any spelling and grammatical errors I may make.
    Tasker Plugin / Speech Droid
    Tonlof | Sweden


      ahh - gotcha.

      Ok - for me that's not a problem - I only want to send things one way.