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    Feedback for executed action

    I'm testing a new task using autolocation plugin.
    So, when I arrive in a certain place and in a certain time, tasker send a command (%HSCommand) to activate my HST tablet .
    Sometimes I have no internet connection in the moment and the command is lost.

    My workaround:
    tasker (on my smartphone) wait for a response from HS (set a %Received variable to "OK"). If after 20 seconds %Received variable still "NO", tasker resend the %HSCommand, increment a %tentative variable "+1". Wait for other 20 secons. If %Received variable still "NO", tasker resend %HSCommand... it tray for 5 times and then notify to me (Vibrate notify) that command was not received from HS.
    Obviously, if the %HSCommand is received, HS send confirmation to tasker (%Received=OK) and all is ok.

    Is possible to include directly into plugin the feedback for a command (or device/string setting) and resend it if not properly received? (time between the tentative and a numbers of maximum tentative).