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  • Pass MyRef back to HS

    I have multiple tablets on my HomeSeer network. HS3 to Android works just fine since each one has it own specific AutoRemote ID so the command is routed to the correct tablet and not the others perfectly.

    However, I am trying to figure out a way to determine which tablet a Tasker command came from. For example, on ll the tablets I have the same Tasker Task set to execute an Event in HS3. It would be awesome if I could pass the %MyRef parameter (or the static IP address of the tablet) to HS3 to correctly process the event/script.

    Maybe as a global variable in HS3 or something like that?

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    I tried figuring out how to pass data from a HSTouch Textbox to a virtual device on the mothership. I'm still waiting on how to do that, and it's been a while.


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      Is it possible to pass the MyRef variable to a script?


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        Originally posted by ramshaklez View Post
        Is it possible to pass the MyRef variable to a script?
        Just played around with this and it works. I can easily pass %MyRef to a script and then process the correct code based upon which tablet (MyRef ID) the command came from. That works perfectly for my situation.



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          It's not like I helped in any way. I don't know anything about coding. You seem to know about coding, maybe you can look at this.
          I haven't tried what this guy said to do yet.


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            The other way I though of doing this was to create a virtual device and set the value of that device from Tasker. I like the script method better but that would work too.


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              Hi, this beta creates a global variable "last tasker device" which contains the latest hs tasker reference. Last Change timestamp for the tasker device are also updated once it get any command from tasker.

              I have updated the tasker projectfiles for HS3 Engine, delete the profile HS3 Engine in tasker and run "Setup Tasker for HS3" app to download the new files. Import the new HS3_Engine and save the changes in Tasker.

              And as always, do backups.
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                What are you guys using tasker for?