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Error with setup files for tasker?

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    Error with setup files for tasker?

    Got a new phone, Note 8, and now when I go to load the project files HS3 Engine, HS3 Samples, HS3 Addons, HS3 My Own...I get an error. If I load either HS3 engine or HS3 Samples, there is no problem, but when I go to load the next one then I get an error that pops up stating "Error: Import of HS3_Samples.prj.xml failed: a Scene called 'HTML Popup already exists."

    Any idea?

    I looked at my old phone, Note5, and noticed that the HTML Popup wasn't listed under the HS3 Engine. So must be an error with updated config files on Google Play? I just deleted it and now can import all the files. Still haven't got it up and running yet though.

    I can control the automation from my phone but I can't get the automation to control the phone yet... I see the "toast" pop up on the bottom of the phone when it comes in, but tasker doesn't initiate or perform the task. Not sure yet...