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Might be a bug, or just me

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    Might be a bug, or just me

    I am trying to have my phone vibrate, and then send me a popup message.

    The phone vibrates and the popup pops up but the text is '%arcomm'

    If I reverse the commands then the popup has the correct text but the phone doesn't vibrate.

    Is there a work around this?

    By the way, I love this plugin.
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    When %arcomm shows up like that is because the tasker variable does not include any data. It's hard to say why this happened. In you case your are sending 2 separate request.
    You may test the custum code instead.
    Try this code
    popup vibrate=:=Dissarming alarm!
    First command is the popup and then the vibrate.
    If you want it to speak, vibrate and popup
    say popup vibrate=:=Dissarming alarm!

    I'm working on a new beta update that will support a more advanced tasker setup in the future so I will have a second look at the tasker tasks and events and see if I can improve them.
    Please excuse any spelling and grammatical errors I may make.
    Tasker Plugin / Speech Droid
    Tonlof | Sweden


      I'll give your suggestion a try.



        I just came across this today as well. Is there a plan to fix this bug? Otherwise I'd have to do custom code for most of my entries, I tried the custom code "popup vibrate=:=Bay door 1 OPENED", the vibrations happen after the popup has occured and I'd actually rather have it the other way around, vibration notification and then text pop up.