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    Alarm clock

    Just thought I'd share something that works really neat with Tasker. For a long time I've set an alarm clock to wake up with my phone, the time changes from 5:30am, 6am or 7am. Most often I am using the 7am alarm and seconded by the 5:30am alarm. So I used to have an event in HS that turns on the bedroom lights at 5% at 7am on the weekdays. Which is great, but other times I need to get up at 5:30am so I have another HS event that monitors a virtual device called "5:30am wakeup". When it is "on" it will trigger the event, turn the lights on at 5:30am and then switch the virtual device "off".

    So it was kind of a pain having to set two sets of alarms if I wanted to get up at 5:30am, and I never did create a 6am wakeup event/virtual device...

    Instead I have always been using "Turbo Alarm" on my phone and found that you can use it to trigger a Tasker app. I create a virtual device in HS which is "Conrad's Phone Alarm". So now when Turbo Alarm is triggered (alarm going off) it runs a Task "Alarm On", which does:

    Variable Set: %HSSetdevicestring To On
    Variable Set: %HSSetdevicevalue To 1
    Variable Set: %HsRev To 249 (device Ref ID for "Conrad's Phone Alarm"
    Variable Set: %HSCommand To DeviceUpdate

    So this turns on the virtual device which then triggers this event. I also have an Easy Trigger range to only allow this event to happen in the MorningAlarm time range (Monday-Friday, 12am to 9am), I have to be home for the event to run (which means I'm in my bed) and it cannot be a holiday. The alarm may go off on my phone but the lights won't kick on if it's a holiday.

    Click image for larger version

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    I also created another task for "Alarm Off":

    Variable Set: %HSSetdevicestring To Off
    Variable Set: %HSSetdevicevalue To 0
    Variable Set: %HsRev To 249
    Variable Set: %HSCommand To DeviceUpdate

    Which toggles the virtual device off when I shut off the alarm. This allows me to set the wake up time on the alarm with my phone and it'll turn on the lights when the alarm goes off. Just thought I'd share.