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Another Install Experience... Tips that may help.

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    Another Install Experience... Tips that may help.

    I am thrilled to have this plugin as it solves a major problem I had controlling a proprietary thermostat that cannot be controlled by HS (more info on this here if interested: ). With this plugin and Tasker I can automate presses on the manufacturer’s phone app to control the thermostat from HS! I am working with a non-rooted phone running Android 9.

    Newly installing the HS3Tasker plugin (5/15/19), I followed the online manual on google docs but found several outdated installation issues that I can pass on here. Several are referenced in older threads but may help to have consolidated here.

    The manual’s instructions state to “place update_overide.txt in your hs3 folder”
    Finally found place to download updater_override.txt in thread “Integrate Android Tasker with Homeseer (Old Thread)” but the link no longer works. Copied content from sparkman who posted it 5/17/15 in thread “Help me I am stuck!!! (Solved)” and put in HS3 folder. I now suspect this is not now needed at all with current plugin loading method.

    Got a notification on my phone after running some tasker HS3 tasks that plugin Secure Settings was called and missing. Installed Secure Settings on phone. Did not change any Secure Settings options from default.

    Luckily stumbled across a thread that said to enable “Allow External Access” in Tasker under Preferences/Misc. This is not in the manual’s instructions and it was not enabled by default.

    “HS3 Samples” import project would not load… error that HTML Popup already exists… deleted it from Engine tab scenes then Samples import loaded. Engine HTML Popup scene was referenced twice and has different properties than HTML Popup now in Samples… time will tell if this causes problems.

    Ran into the AutoRemote URL problem (HS3 Tasker plugin wouldn’t take the new AutoRemote URL format). Found the thread “Setup – Autoremote wrong URL format?” disabled the Tasker plugin and installed the Beta version. Installation instructions need to be updated to be current. The current (as of 5/16/19) non-beta released version of the plugin will not work for anyone installing after the URL address change.

    Had success getting phone actions (vibrate, flash) to work when pressed the preprogrammed buttons in the HS Webpage Device Control (HS command to phone), but could not get phone task to cause HS to command light (phone command to HS). Played the Tasker HS3Engine “Setup Home Network” task and changed the IP address from to and got a successful connection message. I don’t know if I got a message when initially set the IP up, may have exited the task before a message appeared (pretty slow appearing). Then the phone task to ask HS to turn on/off the light played successfully.

    Took me a long time to find right task structure for Tasker to be able to wake up the phone and swipe up the unlock screen when running the task from HS to cause the phone to execute the thermostat app, but now works. Happy conclusion!

    I have a lot to learn about Tasker but seems to me that this is a powerful tool for HS to be able to automate running of any android app. I realize that using this technique is vulnerable to any changes the manufacturer makes to its android app screens. It is certainly not preferable to controlling devices with native HS/HS plugins, but enables control of many devices, even proprietary ones, that are otherwise not controllable by HS.

    Jayhawk, how’s that interface working? I have 5 icomfort tstats (not yet Wi-Fi devices, but considering upgrade) controlling a Lennox multi-stage system. Will the interface you describe control the Wi-Fi tstats through HomeSeer ?
    HS4Pro on Windows 10
    One install with 2 Ethernet Z-nets
    2nd install with 1 Ethernet Z-net
    300 devices, 250 events, 8 scripts
    6 CT-100 tstats
    Serial IT-100 interface to DSC Panel with 8 wired zones
    18 Fortrezz water sensors & two valve controls


      I moved from Tasker on my cellphone to interact with the iComfort web app but was too easy for HS status to be out of sync with actual iComfort status. Changed logic to instead use UI-Vision RPA and OCR software to screenscrape the iComfort web app on my HS Server. This has been working well for me for couple years... so far, Lennox has not changed the web app to foil my screenscraping, but that is always a risk. HS runs batch files that launch a UI-Vision program to select the desired actions on the iComfort web app. Also run UI-Vision programs every 4 hours to read status from the iComfort web app and update HS if different. Works but is a LOT of development and processing that is unnecessary for a thermostat that can be interfaced directly from HS!