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Tasker - HTTP Get/Posts - Now Deprecated

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  • Tasker - HTTP Get/Posts - Now Deprecated

    I downloaded the latest Tasker version and now I'm getting the notification of the deprecation and that HTTP Request is the appropriate call going forward. The HS3Engine will need to be updated.

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    Im having the same issue. Anything to be done with this? Update or workaround?



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      Just curious. I am thinking about installing tasker on my mother cell phone.

      Is tasker asking for http get or post , so you have to enter a proper adress for it to communicate with hs3? Can tasker communicated directly by http to hs3 without the plugin?


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        According to the Tasker developer, the old HTTP get commands are not going away. I think that warning message was a little more alarming than it needed to be. You can get rid of that message by pressing the "Stop Reminding" button on the notification.

        However, the new HTTP Request is an improvement, so it does warrant looking into if you do Tasker HTTP stuff.

        The plugin makes life easier, but you can easily communicate directly to HS from Tasker (assuming you are on the same LAN). It helps if you ensure that the HS server is at a fixed IP address.

        Not all plugin users will be able to upgrade to Tasker 5.8 (a couple of my tablets are too old for it), so the Plugin may not want to switch to the new HTTP request quite yet, due to compatibility.