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  • Phone on Local WIFI SSID

    Does anybody know the recipe to specify if you’re on a specific WiFi SSID to do an action. Specifically, I’m looking to call forward my phone if on my WiFi and end call forwarding if not. I think I have the place a call formula, but I really don’t see the SSID ingredient. Thanks.

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    this is on their wiki Not sure if it is still relevant today.


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      Set up a Tasker phone profile that triggers when your WiFi is connected to a specific SSID that you specify. You could then add an "exit" task to that profile that would then undo your call forward when the WiFi disconnects. The WiFi connected Tasker trigger is under "State", "Net", then "WiFi connect".

      Now for the problem: The WiFi SSID connect profile will only work if your phone's Location Services is enabled. (Don't ask me, ask Google why this is so.) Fortunately for me, the WiFi connect trigger can also trigger on an IP address, and since my phone has a fixed LAN IP address, I just use that instead.


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        Good idea on the IP state. I think I have it working. Thanks for the help.
        so I have another idea. I charge the phone at night on a wireless charger, and sometimes the next morning I notice it didn’t charge because it wasn’t in the cradle correctly. So, how do you add to the up connected profile; if not charging after 2330 to go into alarm or something. If wifi connected, and if 2330 and not charging go into alarm.


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          I do it slightly different. I have a visual display, and if the phone is un-muted, a verbal response when the phone starts charging. The display and voice indicate the current time and the current battery level. No display or voice, then the phone is not in the charger correctly. I have a similiar display and voice when the phone is removed from the charger.

          There is a state profile that triggers when connected to AC.