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  • Speaker setup help

    Hi, I am setting up a new Kindle for touchscreen use. I have done this before - have another kindle on the wall in the house. But I have forgotten how to get Tasker to act as a speaker in Homeseer. I have checked the Speaker Client option in the Tasker Setup. But I can't get any speech to come out of the Kindle? What else do I need to do? Thanks.

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    No one has any ideas on this? I have several Kindles setup. In the speaker list in HS3 I only see my two PCs with the speaker client installed. However, I somehow got one of the kindles to respond to speaker commands through tasker. I might have installed a voice? I can't remember how I did it. And why are my tasker devices not showing up in the speaker list? Thanks.


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      Have you set up the kindles in the tasker PI ? The you should have a device for every kindle. Then you can create an event, with an action Kindle... that'll give you a dropdown list, one of the available actions is text to speech..

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        Thanks - that is helpful. I wasn’t using that method. I am using the standard speak command and the first kindle is saying the text. Although it doesn’t show up in the available speakers it does respond. The second kindle does not. I am wondering what I did in tasker to get the kindle to act as a speaker client?