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Not able to enter TTS text into tasker event

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    Not able to enter TTS text into tasker event

    When I add (or try to edit) a tasker text to speech event in HS4, after I select text to speech, there is no box opening to enter the text to be spoken. If I open the event in the legacy view, it works as normal. So there is a workaround, so just a minor bug I wanted to point out

    I have just seen your post and tested a few other things like Send HTML, Send Pop-up Text and custom code....all not working 😞

    sad, we may not get any more support as a lot of devs ditched their plug-ins. Else, the work around is to enable Tasker Plug-ins speech proxy and edit your event to speak something (system-wide) but choose the clients just as in this post :

    Else, tonlof once mentioned you could reach him via his skype account.

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